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Other Related Services

Co Payment
The Ambulance Act stipulates that a co-payment is to be paid by a patient who uses an ambulance. This fee is charged locally by the Sault Area Hospitals in the amount of $45.00

Alternative Transportation Options
Ambulances are used primarily for responding to medical emergencies. Ambulances should be called when there is a need for a stretcher, the person is medically unstable or a medical professional has determined that the ambulance is the best conveyance to or from the hospital.

Other options for people who need a ride include:

  • Family members
  • Gateway to Mobility
  • Sault Transit
  • Parabus

First Response Teams
If you are in a rural area, and call for an ambulance, your local volunteer fire department have trained volunteers who may respond to medical emergencies

The First Response Teams are valuable partners in providing patient care first aid until such time as paramedics and an ambulance arrives on the scene

Emergency First Response Team Material / Forms

Orientation / Information PowerPoint Presentation - October 2012

Grant Guidelines 2012

Policies and Procedures (Terms of Reference)


Injury Reporting Checklist

Northeastern Ontario Prehospital Care Program - Training