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Non-Tenant Information

The SSM Housing Corporation is supported by the services of many local groups.  In this section of our website we plan to offer information for our Rent Supplement Landlords (Service Providers) as well as the Contractors that help us to maintain our SSM Housing Corporation properties.

Landlords / Service Providers

Property owners listed with the SSM Housing Corporation are approved to house rent-geared-to-income clients.  If you are a current housing provider or are interested in becoming one, please visit our Landlord information page by Clicking here.


A complete and comprehensive list of current maintenance tenders from the SSM Housing Corporation is available on our contractors information page.  Please Click here to access this page.

Housing Programs

The Housing Programs Division administers both the Provincial and Federal Non-profits and Cooperatives within it's jurisdiction. They ensures that all housing providers are adhering to required legislation, local polices and procedures, service agreements and federal agreements.

Please Click here to find more information about our Housing Programs.