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Non-Profit Housing Tenants

Non-profit housing is owned and operated by community based non-profit organizations.  For information about tenant services available in your building please contact your property manager directly.  

How do I apply for Non-Profit Housing?
To view our list of Non-Profit Housing Locations in Sault Ste. Marie please Click here.

Cooperative Housing Tenants

Non-profit cooperative housing is collectively owned and run by its resident members.  For information about tenant services available in your complex please contact your property manager directly.   

Non-profit co-op housing is a Canadian version of community based, resident owned and operated housing. Most co-ops receive government funding to reduce housing charges to affordable levels for a percentage of lower income member households in exchange for ensuring low income earners are housed.  Being a co-op member means having control over your housing. It also means you have a responsibility to make sure that your co-op is a well-managed and pleasant place to live.

If you join a co-op, you will be expected to do the following:

       ·  Buy shares in the co-op
       ·  Pay a monthly housing charge
       ·  Attend members' meetings
       ·  Participate in running the co-op
       ·  join a committee or the board
       ·  help with maintenance
       ·  organize social events

Housing co-ops are mixed communities. Members of housing co-ops come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of incomes. Some members pay the full housing charge. This is often called a "market" housing charge. Other members with lower incomes pay less. This is called a subsidized housing charge. Some units in every co-op are subsidized.

Over the years, federal and provincial governments have funded various programs to help Canadians create non-profit housing co-ops. The co-ops developed under these programs provide good quality, affordable housing.

How do I apply for co-op housing?
To view our list of Non-Profit Cooperative Housing Locations in Sault Ste. Marie please Click here. 

                                                                Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising is:
- non Profit Homes Inc.
- provide rent geared to income housing
- for women and their children
- for women with Mental Health, and from abusive situation and Homelessness

Lee Frazer - Director of Services
She provides:
- Direct consumer programming
- Mental health support
- And runs the Drop in Centre at 621 Albert St. East
- Can be contacted at (705) 759-5864 or Email;

Judy Armstrong Mackay - Administrator
She is responsible for:
- Accounting
- Business Management
- Fundraising
- Ministry compliance
- Community liaison
-The address is 2 Manitou Drive
-Phone number is (705) 945-5137 or Email;