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Q: What is the Child Care Subsidy Program?
: Residents of Sault Ste Marie, Prince Township and Sault North may apply for financial assistance to help them with the costs of child care.

Q: Why Would I Need It?
: If you have a child or children under 12 and you are finding it difficult to meet the costs of child care and at least one of the following applies to you:

  • Employed full or part time
  • Attending school full or part time
  • Retraining full or part time
  • Parent of a special needs child (Referred by a professional)
  • Parent relief is required (Recommended by a professional)

You may be eligible for financial assistance.

Q: Do I Qualify?
: A review of your financial situation will be conducted.  Your income, as outlined on your most recent Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment or Canada Child Tax Benefit Notice will determine if you qualify.

Q: What Child Care Provider Can I Use?
: We have contracts with licensed providers listed in the child care provider section of this website. It is your responsibility to contact a provider to make arrangements for a space for your child. Child care spaces are limited. Not all child care providers will have space available at all times.  For a complete caregiver list please click here

Q: What Will This Cost Me?
: The parent's portion of the fee is paid by the parent directly to the child care provider and any other fee where applicable. The subsidized portion of the fee is paid by the District of Sault Ste Marie Social Services Administration Board directly to the child care provider.

Q: What if I live Outside of Sault Ste Marie catchment area?
: If you live outside of the catchment area arrangements can be made for you to access a subsidized space by contacting the Algoma District Services Administration Board.  Please click here to access the ADSB website.