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Ontario Works & Superior Skills 

Make Work - Work Well



Please visit our "Application Process" page by clicking on the link on the left-hand sidebar for more information about applying for Ontario Works.


To apply for Ontario Works online please CLICK HERE

Applicants can also call our office at (705) 759-2130 or 1-866-363-6007 outside of Sault Ste. Marie 


Ontario Works Office Locater

The Ontario Works program provides financial assistance to individuals and families (participants) in financial need. The program also provides support and assistance to participants in meeting the Ontario Works Act requirements to participate in seeking employment, basic education, volunteer work or self employment. Ontario Works is governed by the Ontario Works Act. 

Ontario Works Sault Ste Marie

  • Administers and delivers programs to persons in need of Social Assistance and helps participants towards self-sufficiency
  • Develops procedures to meet local needs in respect of the provincial legislated requirements
  • Builds and maintains effective working relationships with community partners
  • Develops employment placement opportunities for Ontario Works participants through assessment and skills matching to an employment database

Please be advised that Ontario Works discretionary funding will be reduced significantly effective July 1, 2012 in response to changes in the 2012/13 provincial budget. 

As a result, Ontario Works will no longer be able to provide coverage for many discretionary (extra) health and non-health services and reduced coverage for many others.  Please note that massage, chiropractic and orthotic services will no longer be covered.  A number of other services will remain available but with reduced coverage. 

Ontario Works participants can contact their case manager for additional information.